[VIDEO] BLM and Antifa Protesters Cry For Police Help, After Pro-Cop Patriots Deliver Some “Street Justice”

[VIDEO] BLM and Antifa Protesters Cry For Police Help, After Pro-Cop Patriots Deliver Some “Street Justice”

It’s amazing how quickly the communist “Defund the Police” crew cries for police help when they’re in trouble, isn’t it?

That’s what happened recently in Portland when pro-cop patriots came out to defend the police and clashed with the defund the police commies from BLM and Antifa.

The groups battled back and forth, but the pro-cop patriots refused to back down and they fought back against the anti-American communists.

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So much so, that at one point one Antifa member went down like a sack of potatoes, and that’s when the anti-cop commies started whining and crying for the police to help.

Oh, the irony, right? Do you think they even realize what laughable hypocrites, they are?

I don’t think they do…they’re not that self-aware.

You can watch the videos below (2nd video is the whining for cops one):


These young communists haven’t faced real opposition. So far, they’re like little kids who’ve been allowed to run amuck.

God help them if they ever do have to face a really angry mob of American patriots.

They’re little game of “make-believe instruction” will look a lot different than this and it won’t end well for them.


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