A Photo of Biden’s “Basement Lair” Behind-the-Scenes Setup Has Been Leaked and People Are Creeped Out

A Photo of Biden’s “Basement Lair” Behind-the-Scenes Setup Has Been Leaked and People Are Creeped Out

Everyone always talks about Biden hiding away in his basement…he’s unable to get through softballs CNN or MSNBC interviews, he’s rarely seen outside and is still refusing to sit down with Chris Wallace or Bret Baier from Fox News.

And now, to make matters even more interesting, a photo of Biden’s “basement lair” has been leaked – and it looks like less of a “basement” and more like a movie studio, complete with arrows on the curtains that tell Joe where to go and a fake desk (it’s a console table), and furniture propped up on trunks and Joe seated in a “high chair.”

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Needless to say, the “Wizard Behind the Curtain” feel really freaked a lot of people out. Here are some of the comments:

“Biden looks like he’s hosting a weird youtube channel while President Trump runs the country”

“The fraud behind the curtain. Where’s Toto?”

“Thank the Lord they put his pants on him.”

“Having the set propped up like that makes me think of those behind the scenes Muppet Show clips”

“I love how the table in back is even on a crate!”

“Strange….Biden is getting stranger by the day”

“It’s kinda like when I built forts in my parents basement.”

“Can someone not get him a real desk . . . Reminds me of when my sister and I would play “office” when we were kids. I was always the boss”

“Yes. Like science fiction movie weird.”

“wth? why wont he leave his house? This is beyond strange!”

“His desk is a propped up Covfefe Table??”

Look, I get it that you need some good lighting and whatnot, in order to have a decent shot, but given the rest of Biden’s odd behavior and the “smoke and mirror” feel happening with this entire campaign, this “Wizard of Oz” set here does seem really, weird and just another part of the fakeness of Biden’s “strength.”


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