[VIDEO] Small Group of Biden Supporters Try to Get a “Joe Chant” Going, But Can’t Pull it Off

[VIDEO] Small Group of Biden Supporters Try to Get a “Joe Chant” Going, But Can’t Pull it Off


This might be the hardest video you’ll ever watch…or it might be the funnies. Depends where you’re “empathy meter” is I suppose.

I landed somewhere in the middle…I actually felt sorry for these Biden supporters, but it also amused me to no end.

Here’s what happened…Today, Biden was carried out of his basement and he made his way to Pennsylvania, where he bungled and bumbled his way through a 12-minute speech that was listed on a teleprompter.

The man is a mess.

And his poor supporters aren’t much better.

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Outside from where Biden gave his speech (was he speaking to actual people? I don’t even know), a handful (and I do mean a HANDFUL) of supporters were trying to get some enthusiasm going for ol’ Dementia Joe.

But they ran into a problem…it started with the “chant.”

The small group decided to get a “chant” going for Joe, and it literally was one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

Go ahead and watch, you’ll see what I mean.

You can watch the video:

Honestly,  I think this crowd and this chant perfectly represent the entire Biden campaign.

It’s a small, sad group of people who can’t get anything going.

The thing that gets me is how his wife Jill allows this to continue.


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