[VIDEO] Anarchists Yank Driver out of His Car, Search his Vehicle, Detain Him, and Kick Him in the Head Until He Passes Out

[VIDEO] Anarchists Yank Driver out of His Car, Search his Vehicle, Detain Him, and Kick Him in the Head Until He Passes Out


The man who was savagely attacked by BLM warlords running around in T-shirts that read “Security” is still unconscious, but alive according to reports. 

The Portland Police Chief issued a statement:

“PPB Assault Detectives are actively investing this alarming assault. If anyone has information about this event please contact us. Public safety is up to all of us. ”

I have said this before, but things are escalating with these communist rioters. It’s no longer safe for anyone to live in one of these liberal hell-holes like Portland, Seattle, or even New York City or Chicago.

Democrat city officials have surrendered control of their cities over to violent communist warlords, who are now “patrolling” the streets wearing “security” t-shirts, detaining drivers (literally yanked a man out of his car), searching their vehicles, and beating people senseless.

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You know you’ve seen videos of ISIS rolling into towns and pillaging villages, and attacking people and destroying statues and buildings? Well, this looks like the exact same thing.

This incident happened in Portland – and there was not a cop to be found.

That’s not the cops fault – it’s the Democrat leaders fault, namely failed mayor Ted Wheeler.

I have a few videos for you to watch, but let me try and give you the gist of the story.

A Black Lives Matter mob yanked a man who had just crashed his truck out of his vehicle, detained him, searched his car, and then kicked him in the head and knocked him unconscious.

Why did they target this man?

He was trying to protect someone who was being robbed.

Her’es a video of what happened just before the man crashed his car:

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“TONIGHT: Here is what took place before the man crashed his car into a tree here in Downtown Portland BLM thugs began to harass and physically assault him and his female partner in the street for defending someone they robbed He then began to drive away to evade them”

Watch the video below:

The man was in an absolute panic to try and get away from the violent mob and as a result, he crashed his car. That’s when the BLM mob drags him out of his car, beats him, searches his car, detain him, and knock him unconscious.

Watch the videos below:

Folks, I am being very serious when I say that if Joe Biden gets anywhere near the White House this will be the norm in all cities and towns – it won’t just be happening in slimeball Democrat-run cities.

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These monsters will feel so emboldened as if they have a mandate and it will be full-blown anarchy and like an army of darkness, they will flood into cities and towns and start “detaining” anyone and everyone in their path.

There is no exaggeration when I say that 2020 is the most important election of our lifetime. It’s literally a matter of “life and death” for many people out there.


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