[VIDEO] Former NFL Player Claims Racism As Security Calls Police During Community Move-In

[VIDEO] Former NFL Player Claims Racism As Security Calls Police During Community Move-In

Let me see if I understand? Someone with money and privilege in society moving into a gated community is complaining because the guards hired to make sure the gates that the privileged person chose to live behind aren’t breached, whose name is not on the resident list used to keep intruders outside the gates, is challenged by guards who have never seen the unlisted person before?

Calling the cops on black people for no good reason is the issue here if that was the case. This was not a law enforcement matter; it was an INTERNAL MANAGEMENT issue and should have been handled as such.

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It would appear that the security guard was not able to believe Brandon might have a house there, hence his call to the cops instead of to management.

On the other hand, if Brandon wants to complain about anybody, he should be complaining about the person who left his name off the list. It’s a gated community. Security is there to make sure the person entering the property is the owner. The screw up belongs to the one that didn’t communicate the info to security.




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