Report: Chris Wallace Can’t Hide How Triggered He is By “Trumps” RNC Convention

Report: Chris Wallace Can’t Hide How Triggered He is By “Trumps” RNC Convention

Do you know how you can tell someone is really, really out of touch with politics?

If they still consider Kasich, Jeb, and George Bush, Flake, and McCain as “Republicans.”

They’re not.

They’ve all been outed as globalists.

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We now know they were never fighting for us, and we the people have uninvited all of them from the party….a long time ago.

So, it’s quite curious to me that someone who is supposedly so “politically savvy” like Chris Wallace, would be shocked that George W. Bush wasn’t invited to the RNC Convention…or as he calls it the “Trump Convention.”

Why on earth would Trump want a man there who has backstabbed him?

Of course, it could just be that Chris is such a partisan hack that he’s playing the same game CNN does by pretending these globalist traitors are actually “Republicans.”

From The Hill 

Chris Wallace dubbed the Republican National Convention “the Trump convention,” saying it will be dominated by the president and his family.

“I’ve watched most of the last hour and a half and what really strikes me is that while we’re calling this a Republican convention, it’s really the Trump convention,” Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” said Monday night.

“The most recent Republican president, George W. Bush, won’t be making an appearance this week. Over the weekend, the Republican National Committee announced that because COVID is limiting the attendance of delegates they’re not even going to pass a platform but they pledge support for the president’s America First agenda.”

Wallace noted that first lady Melania Trump and Trump’s four adult children will speak, as will Cabinet members and White House staff. Trump is also expected to speak on all four nights in what Wallace described as an “unprecedented” move.

“He seems to have made the calculation that the best spokesman, the best salesman for Donald Trump is Donald Trump, and for the Trump base, the millions of voters out there that voted for him in 2016, who plan to vote for him again, he’s probably absolutely right,” Wallace said.

Chris, like Sheppard Smith, has advanced Stage 5 TDS.

Wallace can no longer hide his disdain for President Trump and he also can’t be objective.

This is why he throws pot-shots every chance he gets.


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