WATCH: Voice Appears to Say “We got a Trumper Right Here” in Newly Released Video From Portland Shooting 

WATCH: Voice Appears to Say “We got a Trumper Right Here” in Newly Released Video From Portland Shooting 

Last night a Trump supporter named Jay Bishop was murdered in the streets of Portland.

There was no fight happening or “self-defense” situation. He was carrying a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, and he was gunned down in cold blood.

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Now, in a newly released video, it appears that a voice says “We got a Trumper right here” just before shots ring out, which would further prove that Mr. Bishop was “hunted” down and killed because he is a Trump supporter.

You can watch the video below:

In this video you. can hear someone say “Hey, we got one right here! We got one right here!”

Here’s what the person who captured the video reported:

On August 29th 2020 I went into downtown Portland Oregon to film the Trump 2020 Cruise Rally that began at Clackamas Town Center and Passed through the heart of Downtown Portland. When the cruise rally was over I made my way toward the justice center to see what was happening over there before going home. I was done filming but I was still rolling my camera when some commotion happened in the street next to me. A man loudly says “hey we got a couple of them right here” and I hear two gunshots in succession. I raise my camera as I flee for cover. I instantly step into the inlet entrance of a business to the right of me and turn and point my camera to the street. Then I see a dead man laying in the street 10 feet in front of me. I was like a deer int the headlights and in almost total disbelief. It was over as soon as it started. I was just standing there filming a man that I instantly presumed to be dead as his friend tended to him as well as street medics in black block who were on the scene. I continued to film and then left the scene when police cleared the entire block to declare it an official crime scene. I am shocked, horrified and deeply saddened by this act of hatred and bigotry that has played out tonight within my proximity. I have been concerned about the the political violence in the streets of my home town for just over 4 years now. I have been deeply concerned about someone being killed at a rally or protest for about the last 2 of those years. Tonight that concern became a reality and it took place right next to me in the blink of an eye. The tension in Portland is at an all time high now and it breaks my heart. Elections are coming and it feels like it is only going to get worse. God help us all.

I donated to Jay Bishop’s funeral fund. If you’re interested in donating, click here for the Gofundme


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