DNC Busted Using “Trick” to Make it Appear Kamala Has “Support” During Disastrous DNC Acceptance Speech 

DNC Busted Using “Trick” to Make it Appear Kamala Has “Support” During Disastrous DNC Acceptance Speech 

Apparently, the DNC couldn’t even find 30 people who were excited to support Kamala Harris virtually on a big screen while she delivered her disastrous acceptance speech.

Here’s what happened…while Kamala stood on stage, there was a large screen that showed 30 separate screens of so-called “supporters” cheering and clapping for her.

Except there was one big, huge, disastrous problem…

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Apparently, they couldn’t find 30 people to fill those little boxes, because they duplicated 3 people in order to fill 6 slots.

Does that mean they only found 24 people who supported Kamala enough to show up virtually and clap for her?

What an embarrassing disaster. 

The GOP Rapid Response directors Andrew Clark and Zach Parkinson are the ones who discovered and called out the little “trick.”

I have said this before and I think this is a perfect time to say it again – the Dems have zero “enthusiasm” for this lackluster, mentally challenged political ticket.

Biden is a sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s and Kamala has the personality of extra rough sandpaper.

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So, it’s no wonder that they have to “fake it.”

Trust me, this whole mess of a campaign is Hollywood smoke and mirroros…on a really, really low budget.


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