Rudy Giuliani Shares Big Hint About His Next Move that Will “Completely Shake Up the 2020 Election” 

Rudy Giuliani Shares Big Hint About His Next Move that Will “Completely Shake Up the 2020 Election” 

I think Rudy Giuliani has almost as much energy as Trump does.

The guy is always on the “go go go,” and he’s always got a trick up his sleeve.

This time though, his “trick” is hilarious.

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Giuliani took to Twiter where he shared a photo of himself reading a book on “mental disorders” and in a tweet, he said that he’s doing research on a major exposé that will shake up 2020.

Rudy is obviously making reference to the insane left, but specifically poor Joe Biden, who can’t string a sentence together and is one sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s.

I think Rudy is almost as good of a troll as Trump is…


The responses from the triggered liberals in his tweet are proof that he’s reading the right book, trust me.

They were absolutely incensed that Rudy would suggest “stable Joe” has a cognitive issue.

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Here are a couple of nutbags – one who still thinks the Russia conspiracy is real.

Good lord…

“Is it called how to avoid life in a Russian prison too!!”

This person actually thinks Biden will win. He’s gonna need a straight jacket on election night.

“The only person more disconnected from reality than Trump is now going to diagnose Joe Biden. Every bit of this ends at 12:01pm on January 20, 2021. Enjoy the ride.”

Rudy should pass the book to those whackos when he’s done.


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