[VIDEO] BLM Mob Orders Homeowners to Get Their “White A**es Out” and Turn Their Homes Over to Black People

[VIDEO] BLM Mob Orders Homeowners to Get Their “White A**es Out” and Turn Their Homes Over to Black People


Democrats are digging their own political graves, folks.

When asked about condemning this behavior, intimidation, and terrorism of American homeowners, former bartender AOC, refused, claiming she didn’t know enough about the situation to comment, since she doesn’t “represent Seattle.” 

Gee, that never stopped her from butting into everyone else’s business. 

Here’s what she said: 

“Since this is happening in Seattle, I don’t have as close of a view on what’s happening. Of course I represent New York’s 14th Congressional District, so I don’t know the details of the protests that are going on, but I think what’s really important is that we make sure people are safe and it’s important for us to enact legislation and policy that actually addresses the core reasons behind why all of this kind of disruption is happening. Until we do that, this is going to keep occurring, whether we want it to or not.”

Ha ha ha.

They really are going to go down with this ship, aren’t they?

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A Black Lives Matter mob rolled into a predominantly white Seattle neighborhood and told the residents that they’re living in a historically black neighborhood and that they need to

get their “white asses out” and turn their homes over to black people.

This bold and entitled attitude is thanks to Demcoeeat city officials who have sat back and allowed these bullies to run roughshod over law-abiding Americans.

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Just imagine how emboldened all of these leftist communist groups would be if Joe Biden won the presidency…It would be a free-for-all and every American would have a mob of communists yelling outside their windows.

You can watch the video below:


This is yet another reason why Americans can’t get behind this movement. You’ve got a bunch of bratty kids running around with hate in their hearts.

And instead of blaming the Democrat politicians who have hung them out to dry, they choose to pick on innocent Americans and bully and intimidate them.

That’s not a righteous movement born out of love and hope for change…that’s a George-Soros movement, born out of communism and hate.


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