[VIDEO] BLM Supporter Pulls Gun on Conservative Reporter Who Was interviewing Him in Kenosha

[VIDEO] BLM Supporter Pulls Gun on Conservative Reporter Who Was interviewing Him in Kenosha

A Blaze TV reporter was caught off guard and terrified after the young BLM supporter he was interviewing pulled a gun on him.

It happens in just 3-seconds.

The kid is explaining to the reporter exactly what they would do if cops “rolled up on them.”

The kid then pulls out a gun, points it at the reporter’s face, and pulls the trigger.

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The report’s name is Elijah Riot and he posted the short 3-second clip of the incident.

Here’s what he said about what happened:

You can watch the video below: “HOLY SH*#: while interviewing this #BLM rioter in Kinosha he pulls out a real pistol and points it at my camera while explaining what we would do to cops if they rolled up on us right now It’s been a while since I had a gun pointed at me even if it was just to make a point”

These are the “peaceful protesters” that Barack Obama told us about.

His “righteous little cherubs” who he claims mean ol’ President Trump is attacking by blocking their rights to peacefully protest.

This here is what Dems call “peaceful.”

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In truth, these BLM and Antifa communists are the “inmates” who are now running liberal cities into the ground.

They are Biden’s “foot soldiers,” and they will be so emboldened and feel like they have a full-on mandate if he were to win the White House.


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