[VIDEO] Trump Boat Parade in Portland So Huge, Waves Overtook an Onlookers Boat and Sunk it

[VIDEO] Trump Boat Parade in Portland So Huge, Waves Overtook an Onlookers Boat and Sunk it

I love the Trump Boat Parades, they are huge, and they are absolutely everywhere.

It seems like every single weekend people are out and about on their boats, with their American Flags and their Trump Flags, blowing in the breeze.

And some of the biggest parades happen in areas you’d never guess was filled with Trump supporters – like Portland.

Gee, I guess that “undercover Trump voter” thing is still real, huh?

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One particular Trump Boat Parade that took place in the Portland area, was so mighty that it sunk an onlookers boat…Don’t worry though, the folks were okay, but their poor boat wasn’t.

The incident happened on the Willamette River in Portland.

You can watch the video below:


The person who shared the video is obviously anti-Trump, although nobody wants to see a boat sink…But sadly, you have to admit, the scene does really reflect the current “vibe” of the 2020 election, doesn’t it?


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