[VIDEO] Trump Just Made It Sound Like The Durham Probe is Finished and He’s Seen The “Breathtaking” Goods

[VIDEO] Trump Just Made It Sound Like The Durham Probe is Finished and He’s Seen The “Breathtaking” Goods

President Trump joined Lou Dobbs on his show today, and he dropped a bomb.

A nuke is more like it.

It involves the Durham probe, and President Trump made it sound like the investigation has wrapped up and he’s been briefed on it.

As you know, Durham has been investigating the origins of the Russia Probe, and how these FISA warrants were issued and if they were used to spy on Trump’s campaign.

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Barr recently said that some portion of the report would likely be available to the public by the end of Summer. Most took that to mean Septemeber; as Barr does not want this to seem like an “October Suprise.”

Well, President Trump appeared with Loud Dobbs today and what he said has everyone buzzing that he knows exactly what’s in the report and that the report is actually finished.

Here’s what he said:

“I do hear it’s breathtaking what they found. That’s all I can say, breathtaking. It’s beyond what anyone ever thought was possible, that’s how bad it is.”


You can watch the videos below:


I have always been confident that we’d get some justice from this probe.

Will they perp-walk Obama? No. Sadly, our high-level elites are rarely held accountable, there is a massive line of defense willing to take the fall for them before anything would reach him.

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But I do believe some of his close and trusted cronies will go down.

I think we’ll start seeing some buzz on this story over the next month or so, and if it’s as bad as Trump says (and I believe him), the fake news media will not be able to ignore it.

But they’ll try like hell to “spin” it, that’s for dang sure.


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