[VIDEO] President Trump Responds to “Conspiracy Theory” that He’s Saving the World From a “Satanic Cult of Pedophiles” 

[VIDEO] President Trump Responds to “Conspiracy Theory” that He’s Saving the World From a “Satanic Cult of Pedophiles” 

Why does the media want to provide “cover” for Hollywood pedophiles and sex traffickers?

We see it all the time…remember when ABC refused to air the Epstein special because it looked bad for creepy Bill Clinton?

And speaking of Epstein, do you think the media has properly covered this story? Not even close.

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And what about high-level Dem donors like Ed Buck, who was finally arrested after gay men kept dying in his home.

They’re protecting their own.

And it’s not a wild “Q” conspiracy to suggest Hollywood is a cesspool of sexual deviancy, from abusing women to grooming and abusing child actors – sadly, it’s pretty much common knowledge.

None of this is a secret, yet the media acts as if this is some “crazy conspiracy” cooked up in some backwoods cabin by a bunch of looney hillbillies.

It’s also not a secret that elites are into strange cults, like “Spirit Cooking,” and other weird and Godless garbage. They’re not exactly known as a big “Christian group of people.”

And furthermore, it’s not a secret that President Trump vowed when he was a candidate to go after pedos and sex traffickers.

From Bizpacreview 

“I’ve heard these are people that love our country and they just don’t like seeing” what’s been happening around the country, Trump continued. “So, I don’t know anything about it other than they do supposedly like me, and they would also like to see problems in these areas … go away because there’s no reason the Democrats can’t run a city.”

The reporter had a follow-up question, and the answer the president gave was revealing for what he did not say.

“The crux of the theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something that you are behind?” the reporter asked.

“Well, I haven’t heard that. Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” Trump said, to muted laughs among reporters. “If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it, I’m willing to put myself out there.”

The president went on to say that he was attempting to save the world and the U.S. from “radical Left” ideology, noting, “When this country’s gone the rest of the world would follow.”

You can watch the video(s) below:


Well, Trump didn’t say he wasn’t saving the world from a satanic group of pedophiles, did he? ?

I remember back in the ’90s I was dating a guy who told me that the Republican Party and the Democrat Party were the “same.” He said that the two groups were actually working together for one “globalist cause.”

Back then, I thought he was an absolute nutjob for saying that. I remember literally calling him a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”

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And now, today, I see he was 100% right…I’m still good friends with him, so yes, I have apologized for referring to him as a “nutbag” back in the day.

My point is this – today’s “conspiracy theorists” can turn out to be tomorrow’s truth warriors.


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