[VIDEO] Juan Williams Gets His Butt Handed to Him After He Claims Dems Aren’t Responsible for BLM and Anifa Violence

[VIDEO] Juan Williams Gets His Butt Handed to Him After He Claims Dems Aren’t Responsible for BLM and Anifa Violence

Has anyone else noticed that Juan Williams is getting dumber by the day?

He’s never been the brightest bulb in the box, but he’s just gotten so insufferably stupid, he’s almost unwatchable…and I say “almost” because I absolutely love watching Gutfeld and Watters destroy him.

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And boy oh boy, did they have a field day with him today.

Williams said one of his dumbest comments yet  – and that’s saying a lot because he’s said so many dimwitted things.

As the riots pile up and the public is starting to turn on Dems, Juan is doing his best to try and take the “heat” off of them…But his reasoning is beyond dopey.

Juan says that the Dems are not responsible for the violence from leftist groups BLM and Antifa, because Trump is not responsible for Qanon “violence.”

I’m sorry, but when has there ever been massive Qanon “violence?”

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I think maybe once there was a random guy affiliated with Qanon who did something violent…one guy.

Meanwhile, we have Dem groups destroying cities, beating Americans senseless, and shooting at us nearly every single night.

Needless to say, the remaining “four” on “The Five” had a field day with Juan and trust me, he didn’t like it one bit.

You can watch the video below:

If the Dems think they can “spin” their way out of this mess with these stupid talking points, they’re nuts.

Once again, when they lose in 2020, they won’t be able to understand why. They’ll blame mailboxes, when in fact it’ll be partially because of the riots.

All they had to do was denounce the violence, but they refused to do that, and instead, they continued calling these communist terrorists “peaceful protesters.”

The American people don’t like to be treated like they’re stupid and they won’t forget this.

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