[VIDEO] She’s a Young, Green-Haired Feminist Who Voted For Hillary…Now She Explains Why She’s Voting Trump in 2020

[VIDEO] She’s a Young, Green-Haired Feminist Who Voted For Hillary…Now She Explains Why She’s Voting Trump in 2020

I am exhausted by the hate, violence, and misery from the left and I am not part of their movement. Imagine if you had to be in the middle of that sludge, day in and day out?

What a nightmare.

For well-adjusted people, or even semi-well adjusted people I would imagine after a while all that hate and chaos would get to you.

That’s why the #WalkAway movement has been so popular and so helpful to many.

It’s a bridge to normalcy.

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And every person who “walks away” always says the same thing, “Trump supporters are actually really nice people…”

Ha, yes, yes we are. We’re very nice. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to put Americans first, regardless of what the globalists tell you.

We want to line American’s pockets…they want to line their donor’s pockets.

So, we’ve all seen a lot of the #WalkAway videos, but this one I happened upon really struck me…Maybe it’s her age, or her hair color, or the fact that she’s a “feminist,” but her #WalkAway story really intrigued me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Her name is Judith Rose, and she blames the Dems for her walking away – because they’re just so hateful and negative, she couldn’t take it anymore.

You can watch the video below:

The left’s radicalization and the escalating violence hate is pushing more and more people to embrace the law and order Republican Party.

Violent crime is now a “top 5” voting issue…the polls and focus groups are seeing a definite shift against the “peaceful protesters” who are burning parts of the country to the ground.


Keep it up Dems, we want 2020 to be a blowout.


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