[VIDEO] BLM Mob Surrounds Home of Milwaukee Trump Supporter, Homeowner Brandishes Gun at His Door

[VIDEO] BLM Mob Surrounds Home of Milwaukee Trump Supporter, Homeowner Brandishes Gun at His Door

A large mob of BLM supporters surrounded a man’s house who was flying a pro-Trump flag, and an American flag outside of his home.

The man can be seen inside his house, holding what appears to be a rifle as the crowd swarms his house.

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Conservative pundit and popular podcaster Jesse Kelly made a great point. He said: “If a group of people in MAGA hats surrounded a house flying a Biden flag and conducted themselves like this even ONE time, there would be mass arrests. It would be an international news story. Congress would call an emergency session about “right wing terrorism”.”

You can watch the video below:


The homeowner was reportedly removed from his house and arrested.

It’s unclear what the charges were, but the crowd cheered wildly when police removed him from his home.

According to Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks, the BLM mob are the ones who called the police on the homeowner.

You can watch the video below:


Milwaukee police have not yet responded to requests for information on the man’s reported arrest or detainment.

It’s a sad and scary day in America when we’re no longer allowed to defend our property.

I don’t know the exact details surrounding this man’s situation, but we’ve seen things like this before with the St. Louis couple who protected their house from a violent BLM mob with their guns and they were arrested.

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Do city officials and police expect us to just sit in our houses while these mobs run amuck, and “hope” they don’t do anything to cause us harm or kill us?

Are we now supposed to be sitting ducks who are at the mercy of these violent Marxist Democrat mobs?


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