Report: Black Lives Matter Organization Removes Controversial “Destruction Of Nuclear Family” Webpage

Report: Black Lives Matter Organization Removes Controversial “Destruction Of Nuclear Family” Webpage

The truth about BLM is eviler than you can imagine. They realize it, and now they are desperately trying to hide the truth.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2020 Presidential election. The Black Lives Matter organization removed a controversial page from its website, calling for the destruction of the American nuclear family. This change just happened to occur after a recent Pew Research poll published last week comes during a decline in support for BLM.

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After George Floyd’s death, 67% of the respondents said they back the organization. That has dropped down to 55% due to the violence perpetrated by individuals claiming to be part of the organization.

The remark about the nuclear family has come under fire for a while now, but they didn’t address it until after the disapproval numbers were revealed. That doesn’t mean they are changing what they believe; it just means they are wiping it from the website, so they lie about whether they still support that line of thinking.

The group has come under fire for the remark on its website about nuclear families. Critics have also accused BLM of being a Marxist organization after its

Co-founder Patrisse Cullors described herself and her fellow BLM co-founders as “trained Marxists,” in a 2015 interview, which also tainted the movement.


The page has been archived and can be seen here.

The organization has grown to deliver its BS/crap mission because Democrats give them their support and Republicans being silent.

Democrats will pander to any perceived and invented grievances they can discover or create. They are a party that relies on hate, envy, greed, and grievance politics.

The only way the Democrats gain a vote is to promise more loot ever and punish conservatives for any perceived grievance imagined by their minions. The Democrat party is sustained only by hatred and maleficence.

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Republicans are not blameless here. Where is the evidence of their strong support for vouchers so that black families can offer their children a choice in education? Where is the Republican outreach to the black community? These arrogant, stuffed-shirt country club types never stop to think how their inaction only serves to exacerbate the problem, as they cede any influence to the left, which is more than happy to cling to that mantle. Republican politicians are idiots and fools here also.

I’m done trying to rationally argue with those who choose emotion over logic and reason. I’m done justifying my belief system to those who have none and demonstrate their lack of values by seizing on the latest flavor of the month. I’m done watching blacks kill blacks and being told that it is my fault they are doing it as a white man. I’m done watching blacks burn down their neighborhoods as a response to some tragedy, and then being told that it was my fault and now I need to pay for it. I’m done listening to black “victims” tell me I’m holding them down because I get up and go to work every day.

It is past time for my community to start taking responsibility for their plight. It is not up to others to make us feel good about ourselves. I only wish the organization known as Black Lives Matter acted as if black lives mattered to them.


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