[WATCH] BLM Mob Terrorizes Restaurant Goers by Flipping Tables, Breaking Dishes and Throwing Chairs

[WATCH] BLM Mob Terrorizes Restaurant Goers by Flipping Tables, Breaking Dishes and Throwing Chairs

That’s right, apparently, now the Black Lives Matter movement has a problem with people just peacefully eating out a restaurant.

In this crazy video, BLM protesters in Rochester, NY are shown storming from one restaurant to another, where they proceed to yell, flip tables, break dishes and throw chairs all in an effort to “shut it down.”

Since when was ruining a meal out a way to fight oppression?

Watch the video:

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What’s next?

Are they going to start storming nail salons? Start throwing polish and acrylic powder on everyone?

At this rate, a majority of shops and restaurants could be forced to close up shop simply because BLM wants to “shut it down.”

This type of behavior is only going to help Trump get reelected, a fact many Twitter users were sure to point out:

“That’s how we get more Trump.”

“This will only help Trump!!”

“Cause this will totally help!”

“Best get used to it. Keep voting for radical democrats and it will only get worse.”


Seriously, what do these people hope to accomplish with this behavior?

It’s astonishing at this point that they still have put two and two together.

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