Conservative Pundit Comes Up With a Brilliant Idea on How to Get Rid of Chris Wallace Once and For All

Conservative Pundit Comes Up With a Brilliant Idea on How to Get Rid of Chris Wallace Once and For All

Chris Wallace has been among one of the most nauseating hosts on Fox News for quite some time now.

He’s rude, pompous and his intense hatred for President Trump has morphed into an incurable form of TDS.

This man is so hated that Trump himself actually tweeted about Wallace, calling him worse than MSNBC’s Chuck Todd:

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Chris Wallace was also just announced as the only moderator for the first presidential debate, which was a nauseating blow for many conservatives.

From LA Times

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be the moderator when President Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, face off at Case Western University in Cleveland on Sept. 29 for the first of three presidential debates.

The highly anticipated event will likely approach the record of 84 million viewers who watched Trump’s first meeting with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Wallace is familiar to viewers as the host of “Fox News Sunday,” the Washington-based public affairs program that airs on the cable news channel and the Fox broadcast network.

But one conservative writer has a brilliant way to hopefully get rid of Wallace once and for all.

Replace him with Britt Hume!

From BizPacReview

By comparison, Fox News senior political correspondent Brit Hume has emerged as someone who, without being entirely deferential to the president, at least appears to many as a far more objective anchor and less prone to developing ‘narratives’ instead of questions aimed at Trump administration officials and the president himself.

Filling in for Wallace on Sunday, for example, Hume deftly maneuvered liberal Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe into revealing his true views on the Constitution he has taught to students by asking him to respond to Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

After allowing Tribe to explain why he opposed it, Hume asked a point-blank question about the constitutionality of the nomination and managed to elicit a stunning response from Tribe by staying on target.

“Speaking of the Constitution, sir, do you find any support for your argument in the Constitution itself?” Hume asked.

Now this is a brilliant.

Seriously, Wallace just needs to go to MSNBC, the place where all other reject hosts go to slowly die.

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