[VIDEO] Bill Barr Busts Out laughing When Wolf Blitzer Claims CNN is “Fair and Balanced”

[VIDEO] Bill Barr Busts Out laughing When Wolf Blitzer Claims CNN is “Fair and Balanced”

AG Bill Barr sat down with CNN’s Wolf Blizter for an interview to discuss a slew of topics.

As Wolf Blitzer did his best to try and get Mr. Barr to admit that he liked working for George H.W. Bush better than he likes working for Trump, Barr shot back and explained that each president has a different set of challenges, but that the media has a job to cover all presidents fairly.

Of course, Barr was pointing at the fact that our media has turned into a bunch of activists, not journalists, and their weird hatred for President Trump has turned them all into Stage 5 TDS banshees. Of course, Mr. Barr didn’t say all of that, but I am sure he was thinking it.

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Wolf interjected at one point, during Mr. Barr’s speech on our crappy media and said that CNN was actually “fair and balanced.”

Wolf could hardly say it with a straight face himself – I mean, who are these people kidding at this point?

They’re certainly not fooling or kidding Barr, because as soon as he said it, Bill Barr busted out laughing.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t think Mr. Barr could have given Wolf a better and more truthful response than laughing in his face, do you?

Our media is a joke – and CNN is the king of the jokers. They’ve left all professionalism in the dust, and are now acting as a full-blown Democrat Super-PAC.

And, if it wasn’t for “cable welfare” and the way CNN is bundled into every package imaginable, they’d be long gone and out of business by now since their ratings are garbage.


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