Iranian Father Asks Daughter Not To Reveal He Was A Janitor; Here’s What She Did!

Iranian Father Asks Daughter Not To Reveal He Was A Janitor; Here’s What She Did!

A photo (above) depicts a loving daughter consoling her Iranian father, and the message behind it is a beautiful one.

According to the original story that is making the rounds across the internet, her father said to her: “Don’t tell anyone that your father is a janitor; they will laugh at you.”

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She disobeyed him but did so in the most loving way. She posted a picture embracing him in his janitorial uniform with this statement:

“My dad is a janitor. He is my pride. I love you, Dad.”

There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with being a janitor. I appreciate them every time I walk into a clean bathroom, hotel room, or any room, period. Can you imagine if we didn’t have janitors? They are just as much needed as any other job!

Nobody needs to explain to me that there are people out there who look down upon others to make themselves feel good. I understand classism exists. I just think it’s stupid and we shouldn’t care what others think about us. He’s doing his best and can be proud of himself. The people that are important to him and that truly matter already feel that way, so who cares about the others? I understand that the world is unfair. But I don’t want to let others bring me down because of their stupid world view.

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One of my close friends back home drives a garbage truck, he loves it, and now that he’s been there a while, the benefits and perks are excellent. Anyone who laughs at someone working hard to make an honest living is a scumbag.

How many of you would have done the same thing or would you have honored your father’s wishes?


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