[VIDEO] Watch Governor Gavin Newsom Fawn Over and Praise President Trump

[VIDEO] Watch Governor Gavin Newsom Fawn Over and Praise President Trump

Just after Joe Biden delivered this dark fear-mongering speech (in some random wheat field) on Climate Change, where he called Trump a “Climate Arsonsist,” California’s Governor Gavin Newsom was sitting at a “roundtable” with President Trump fawning all over him and praising him for all the help that he’s given California during the wildfires, and even agreeing with Trump that he needs to do a better job with forest management.

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Now, sure, a lot of that was fluff talk because Gavin wants federal help, so he’s buttering up the boss…but regardless, it’s still an excellent soundbite for Trump and a nightmare for the confused guy in the wheat field basically blaming all the fires on President Trump.

Gavin said things like Trump’s help was “profoundly significant” and said that what President Trump was offering was a “record” amount that the state has received.

Just damning stuff for the poor buffoon in the wheat field.

You can watch the video below:

I have said this before, but it’s worth noting again…I have never in all my life seen a political campaign so poorly-run.

I said earlier today to a. friend, that I am becoming increasingly convinced that some “undercover Trump supporter” is actually running Biden’s campaign.

It’s starting to be the only logical excuse.


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