[VIDEO] Biden Busted on Camera Breaking Social Distancing Guidelines With Anderson Cooper

[VIDEO] Biden Busted on Camera Breaking Social Distancing Guidelines With Anderson Cooper

Biden clearly can’t help himself from getting innpropriately close to someone.

Even if it’s on live tv during a viral pandemic.

During a CNN town hall, Biden moseyed his way closer and closer towards Anderson Cooper until the two of them were practically in a bear hug.

Watch the video:

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That’s pretty ironic considering that Biden is running on a so-called “socially distant presidential campaign.”

From Business Insider

Rather than holding large, indoor rallies with few health precautions, the former vice president has made a point to maintain social distance, wear a mask in public, and limit the number of people he shares a room with.

Biden has been outwardly critical of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic since March, and his campaign strategy showcases his desire to treat the pandemic differently from the Trump administration, namely, by following the guidance of public health experts and making an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

We have yet another high profile politician not follow the social distance guidelines, despite lecturing Americans over and over to follow them.

If this isn’t hypocrisy then I don’t know what is…

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