[VIDEO] Desperate Juan Williams Now Claims Trump’s “Middle East Peace Deals” Will Accelerate the “Chance of War”

[VIDEO] Desperate Juan Williams Now Claims Trump’s “Middle East Peace Deals” Will Accelerate the “Chance of War”

The mental gymnastics of Juan Williams never ceases to amaze.

During a segment on Fox News, Juan bent the truth in every way possible in order to come to the conclusion that Trump’s historic peace deals in the Middle East will most certainly lead to more war.

In what world does that make any sense?

From The Blaze

Williams presented his argument on Fox News’ “The Five” while the panelists were discussing recent remarks made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in which she called the deals a “distraction.”

“It is [a distraction],” Williams said. “The real trouble here is between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and that situation has not been helped. What we’re doing here in this situation is we have the Bahrainians and the United Arab Emirates, they already had diplomatic, security and trade ties with Israel … and it opens the door to some possibilities.”

“The real action here is the United States giving arms, giving serious arms to UAE potentially to go after the Iranians,” he argued. “And so what we’re doing is stirring up a proxy war, and that doesn’t diminish the chance of war or disruption in the Middle East — it accelerates it.”

Watch the video:

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This man is a real piece of work.

Can you imagine the amount of sickening praise he would be lobbing on if Obama had somehow achieved what Trump has?

It would practically make us want to vomit all over our screen.

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