Liberals Meltdown Over Fans Booing NFL “Unity Moment”

Liberals Meltdown Over Fans Booing NFL “Unity Moment”

I feel like I type this one line more than any other:

“Americans don’t want politics and activism mixed into their sports.” 

And trust me, it doesn’t matter how “righteous” you think your cause is, Americans are not interested.

Just play the game and leave the social justice stuff for your free time.

It’s the most simple concept to understand, yet so many people don’t “get it.”

And fans are telling sports players and owners to “knock it off” in a whole array of different ways…by tuning out, not buying. tickets, or merchandise, and also by literally BOOING them when they pull an SJW stunt.

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And that’s exactly what happened during the season-opener NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans.

The players all decided to “show unity” for the Marxist/anti-cop group BLM, who have been burning down cities and harassing, intimidating, and beating innocent Americans for 100 days now.

How anyone with half a brain thinks that’s “unity” is beyond me.

Needless to say, the fans booed them,  and rightfully so.

You can watch the video below:

Of course, the mindless SJW’s on the left had a meltdown when they heard the boos:

“are…people actually booing this?! ”

Here are more comments from the butt-hurt left:

“Absolutely disgusting. Moment of unity wasn’t even during the anthem so they can’t point to that as a reason.”

“Booing a moment of unity is Grade A shamful behavior. What an embarassment.”

“My hometown’s got no love for unity? They’re booing unity now?”

“Yeah, so that booing during the “show of unity” is a real good example of why players feel so strongly about these causes in the first place.”

“Pathetic! Some #ChiefsKingdom fans are booing the teams for their moment of unity during the National Anthem  #HOUvsKC I thought y’all weren’t watching anymore NFL games!? “

“People booing a moment of unity are part of the problem in America. “

“What’s worse than a milquetoast, inoffensive “moment of unity”? People booing that milquetoast, inoffensive “moment of unity.””

“fans are really booing right now during the moment of silence… actual trash”

Once again, the NFL is on the wrong side of an issue, and they have no desire to understand why.

Instead, they’ll scratch their heads in confusion, and conclude their fans are just “racist” and double-down on this activism, and when their ratings tank, they’ll blame it on “COVID” or the “election.”

Rinse and repeat.


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