James Woods Ignites the Internet With a Photo Comparing Michelle Obama’s Size and Stature to Hillary Clinton

James Woods Ignites the Internet With a Photo Comparing Michelle Obama’s Size and Stature to Hillary Clinton

James Woods knows how to light the internet on fire.

And he’s back at it again, this time sharing a group picture that includes, among others, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton.

In the tweet, Mr. Woods points out how “giant” Michelle Obama looks compared to Hillary, and even Bill, who is 6’2.

The photo is a gathering of globalists who have destroyed the middle-class: Bush, Clintons, Obamas.

The photo has caused such a stir, that “Big Mike” is now trending on Twitter.

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Here’s what he said:

“Look at the size of Michelle Obama compared to Hillary Clinton. Or Blll.”

More than Michelle’s stature is the fact that his pic is filled with some of the worst, most heinous globalist politicians in the U.S., all smiling as they destroyed the U.S.

Here are some of the comments:

“All I see is a family portrait for the New World Order organizers.”

“At the Grifter Hall of Fame”

“A picture is worth a thousand plandemics.”

“W should remember how he was hated and abused through all eight years of his administration. The people responsible are standing next to him”

“She’s a frigin giant and all I can say is we’re so lucky she didn’t run, hate to say it but she might have beat Trump which shows the complete disarray they have in the Democratic Party. They had a winner and let her go, wonder why?”

In all fairness, Melania is almost as tall as Michelle. Here’s the photo including our beautiful America First FLOTUS, who is wearing really, really high-heel stilettos.

Note: she’s the only one in the photo who isn’t a party to the destruction of the American working-class. She’s part of the movement to save and restore it.

Well, there’s one thing for sure, nothing triggers the left more than a troll of Michelle Obama.

They worship her like a cult or something, it’s bizarre.


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