[JUST IN] House Republicans Request Barr to Investigate if Pelosi Committed a Criminal Act

[JUST IN] House Republicans Request Barr to Investigate if Pelosi Committed a Criminal Act

Man, Pelosi just keeps taking one political gut punch after another, and quite frankly it’s AWESOME to watch!

After she was caught red-handed at a salon, without a mask, Pelosi dug her hole even deeper by lashing out at the salon’s owner and demanding an apology.

From Fox News

A defiant House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday claimed she was “set up” and a hair salon in San Francisco “owes” her an “apology” after it was revealed the California Democrat visited the business despite local ordinances keeping salons closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi, D-Calif., was responding to backlash after Fox News first reported that she visited a ESalonSF in San Francisco on Monday afternoon for a wash and blow-out.

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Good grief, this woman’s entitlement is shocking.

Now to make matters even worse for Pelosi, House Republicans are now requesting that Barr investigate if she committed a crime by tearing up Trump’s SOTU address.

From Just the News

Two members of the House GOP caucus are asking Attorney General Bill Barr to assess whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated federal law when she tore up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Speech in February.

In a moment that was widely viewed, the House Speaker stood up as the speech ended and, to camera, ripped the pages of the address right down the the middle. “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives,” she later said. “I tore it up. I was trying to find one page with truth on it. I couldn’t.”

The chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Ala.), and the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) asked Barr in a letter Tuesday to comment on whether “Pelosi committed a criminal act by destroying an official copy of the State of the Union speech delivered to her” by the president.


Well, this is certainly going to at insult to injury for old Pelosi.

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