[WATCH] Philadelphia Police Officers Just Honored Trump in the Most Beautiful Way

[WATCH] Philadelphia Police Officers Just Honored Trump in the Most Beautiful Way

The men and women who wear the blue in Philadelphia are true patriots.

As Trump departed the city for Washington D.C., police lined the streets and gave the president an amazing silent salute.

What a beautiful way to honor our president!

Watch the video:

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It’s great to see this level class among the Philadelphia police force, especially after their nearby city of Lancaster has been rocked by anti-police riots after a knife-wielding lunatic was shot.

From CNN

Demonstrators in Lancaster took to the streets following the shooting, which comes amid months of widespread protests across the nation over police brutality and systemic racism.

Lancaster police said they arrested eight individuals early Monday after demonstrators caused damage to the police station, a parked vehicle, and a US Post Office building. Demonstrators also piled street signs, trash cans and other items into an intersection, at one point starting a dumpster fire, according to police.

Those arrested received charges including arson, institutional vandalism, riot, failure to disperse and obstructing highways and other public passages, police said.

Detectives are reviewing several hours of online video as well as surveillance in an effort to identify additional suspects, police later said.

Lancaster police said that more than 100 protesters had gathered on an access ramp outside the police station. Police also said they used a “public address system to provide several warnings that if the group did not move from the ramp that chemical munitions would be deployed.”

The department said the group failed to follow instructions and that officers used chemical agents and pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

These officers have clearly been through a lot…

And it’s clear that Trump’s presence brings a sense of unity and safety for these brave men and women.

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