[VIDEO] Internet Sleuths Claim They’ve discovered An “Antifa War Camp” in Portland

[VIDEO] Internet Sleuths Claim They’ve discovered An “Antifa War Camp” in Portland

How can people spend all night rioting, destroying businesses, and beating up American citizens and then go to work to earn money for food, clothes, and shelter?

It doesn’t seem possible, right?

So, it’s not a big stretch to wonder if someone is funding these people, like a little “army,” keeping them fed, clothed, and with shelter so they can continue to fight against the police and the American government.

That’s what a group of internet sleuths has deduced after someone stumbled upon what they say is an “Antifa war camp.”

Before I show you the video, let me set this up a bit…a Portland resident stumbled upon this so-called “camp” which has a lot of similar-looking tents, all set up in a fenced-in area, complete with a row of porta-potties.

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But here’s what caused a lot of people to deduce that it’s an “Antifa War Camp…”

There’s a violent rioter who’s been dubbed “Trumpet Man,” who was spotted at the “camp.”  Trumpet Man, whose real name is Camillo Massagi, has been arrested several times for rioting and is a reported member of the violent leftist group Antifa.

Take a look at these pictures below:

In addition to “Trumpet Man,” there are other “Antifa-looking” folks meandering around the “camp,” who are violent. One guy even got a slingshot and tried to attack the guy who was filming the camp.

You can watch the video below:


However this “camp” is being used now, and by whom is still a mystery, however, I did dig around and discovered that the city of Portland set this up for homeless folks after the COVID outbreak.

From The Oreganian

“The three sites — two on Southeast Water Avenue and one near the westside base of Broadway Bridge — will also group residents in a way that has rarely been done in Portland shelters. One site will give priority to LGBTQ people and one for people of color. Anyone who wants the services specific to those sites will also be allowed to camp there. The third site will be for everyone, with an emphasis on older people. Each location will have 45 tents on platforms with cots inside for an individual person or couple.

“The city will provide sleeping bags and tents to ensure they are clean and hygienic. People will be able to store their belongings, including their own tents and sleeping bags, while staying at the camp. The camps are intended to be temporary measures to group people near bathrooms, showers and other amenities to help insulate them from the spread of COVID-19. Each tent will be on a 12-foot-by-12-foot plot of land. Each of the three locations will be fenced off from the public.Officials say the camps will comply with social distancing measures and will be routinely disinfected.”

So, the setup has been there for a while and it’s not a Soros-funded “war camp.”

That’s not to say it’s not being used by nefarious people now as a “home base.”  But we’d need some honest Portland journalists to go in there and investigate to see what’s really going on and how it’s being used right now, but I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

Also, it’s clear that a lot of these “Antifa” members are losers with no jobs, and no life – so it’s not a surprise that they’d be living like hobos in government-funded tents.


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