[WATCH] Fed Up Rochester Cop Tells BLM Protester He’s Arresting Her for “Being an Idiot”

[WATCH] Fed Up Rochester Cop Tells BLM Protester He’s Arresting Her for “Being an Idiot”

If only cops could be this blunt more often.

During a protest at the Public Safety Building in Rochester, NY, Black Lives Matter organizer Stanley Martin was arrested after storming through the building after being repeatedly told by authorities she was not allowed through.

While getting the cuffs slapped on her, Martin asked the officer what she was being arrested for, to which the cop responded “for being an idiot.”

Watch the video:

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From New York Post

Black Lives Matter organizer Stanley Martin, who is also a member of the group Free the People Roc, was among a group of activists who attempted to get into the city Public Safety Building where Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was due to brief reporters about the unrest, WXXI-TV reported.

“No, no, stop it!” Martin shouted as a cop chased her out of the room.

“You want to get tased?” the officer responded. “All right, you’re going to get tased.”

The cop pointed a Taser at the activist but holstered it after others in the building urged him to do so.

“You’re arresting me for what?” Martin asked.

“Being an idiot,” the officer shot back.

“You’re a racist pig,” Martin answered.

Of course, their response to anything is “racism.”

Because the rules never apply to you if you drag race into the issue.

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