Nervous Peter Strzok Flips – Admits Dossier Contained ‘Bullsh*t’ That Led Everyone on a ‘Wild-Goose Chase’

Nervous Peter Strzok Flips – Admits Dossier Contained ‘Bullsh*t’ That Led Everyone on a ‘Wild-Goose Chase’

Well, well, well…

Look who’s singing a different tune…

During an interview with The Atlantic, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok admitted that the Steele dossier contained misinformation, bullsh*t, and rumors, which subsequently led everyone on off on a wild goose chase.

From Washington Examiner

Fired FBI special agent Peter Strzok tried to distance himself from British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier, critiquing some of the former MI6 agent’s anti-Trump election reporting while criticizing those he saw as using its weaknesses to undermine the Trump-Russia investigation.

Strzok, who was a key member in the FBI’s investigation into both former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s improper private email server and Crossfire Hurricane’s Trump-Russia inquiry, made the comments during an interview with Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic.

“The Steele report was a problem for the investigation because it sent people off on a series of wild-goose chases,” Strzok said, adding, “the report was very typical of information that the FBI often receives. It comes from several sources, including some suspect sources. Some of it is bullshit, and some of it is rumor, and some of it is disinformation.”

Ukraine impeachment witness and the National Security Council’s former Russia expert similarly called Steele’s dossier a “rabbit hole” that “very likely” contained Russian disinformation.

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Very interesting.

I wonder what caused Strzok to suddenly change his tune on the highly discredited dossier.

After all, it’s been widely criticized and debunked since it first came on the scene.

As a matter of fact, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz recently revealed that the dossier was always considered a “joke.”

From Rolling Stone

In fact, far from confirming the Steele material, the FBI over time seems mainly to have uncovered more and more reasons to run screaming from Steele, to wit:

The “Steele dossier” was “Internet rumor,” and corroboration for the pee tape story was “zero.”

The Steele report reads like a pile of rumors surrounded by public information pulled off the Internet, and the Horowitz report does nothing to dispel this notion.

At the time the FBI submitted its first FISA application, Horowitz writes, it had “corroborated limited information in Steele’s election reporting, and most of that was publicly available information.” Horowitz says of Steele’s reports: “The CIA viewed it as ‘internet rumor.’”

Worse (and this part of the story should be tattooed on the heads of Russia truthers), the FBI’s interviews of Steele’s sources revealed Steele embellished the most explosive parts of his report.

So we now have even more evidence that this entire Russia collusion theory was not only a complete was of a three-year investigation, but also an utter misuse of taxpayer dollars.

We’re going to need a refund for that Democrats…

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