WayneDupree.com Now Offers Premium Services With No Ads

WayneDupree.com Now Offers Premium Services With No Ads

We have heard you, and we have been working hard to fix the ads issue that had many of you pulling your hair out.

WayneDupree.com has been fighting for conservative values since 2012 when we first decided to take out the fight from social media to develop a website so you could read our opinions a lot more in-depth and comment if you felt like it.

The website has gone over many changes since things, and we have grown, but with that growth came the need to bring on employees. Because a major corporation or agency does not represent us, we’ve been making it with your donations and a few ad services.


We are now able to offer you our news, thoughts, opinions, and op-eds without any ads; we want you to take full advantage of it by becoming a subscriber.

Our mission, which we believe whole-heartedly is to hold government accountable, informs you of abuses that seek to trample your Constitutional rights, all while defending conservative journalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in a WD Premium subscription?
    A Premium subscription includes: Breaking news, coverage of media’s top stories, and original op-ed opinions with an ad-free experience
  • What is included in a WD Premium-Plus subscription?
    Everything included in the premium with the addition of scheduled monthly LIVE Q&A sessions.
  • How much is a subscription?
    A WD Premium subscription is $5/month or $50/year. A WD Premium Plus is $10/month or $100/year
  • How do I cancel/manage/edit my WDPremium or WDPremium-Plus subscription?
    Log into your dashboard and make all necessary changes there. If you cannot manage your subscription by selecting the ‘Manage Subscription’ profile option in the top right corner of the page, contact us at [email protected]

*Note: Ad-free experience does not exclude paid content recommendation. Ads on third-party video players (e.g., YouTube) might still appear.



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