[VIDEO] Two FedEx Employees Busted on Camera Abusing Trump Supporters Packages and “High-Fiving” Each Other

[VIDEO] Two FedEx Employees Busted on Camera Abusing Trump Supporters Packages and “High-Fiving” Each Other

Two Braintree, Massachusetts FedEx delivery men were caught on camera abusing, kicking, and treating a Trump supporters packages like complete garbage…and then
“high-fiving” each other for the disrespect and unprofessionalism.

These two idiots should high-five themselves for not having an active brain cell between the two of them…who doesn’t realize by now there are video cameras literally everywhere?


The two men caught on camera are too stupid to have a driver’s license, let alone a job.

You can clearly see the “Trump” sign in the front yard, and then you watch as these very childish delivery men throw the boxes and kick them…literally, like 7-year-old children.

You can watch the video below:


But it was FedEx idiotic response that made matters even worse.

Here’s what they said:

They called it an “inconvenience.”

I’m sorry, but the constant political terrorism being unleashed by the violent, hateful, and insane left is not an “inconvenience.” These unhinged mentally and emotionally stunted lunatics are literally destroying this county.

And clearly, FedEx has no problem with it…they EMPLOY and PAY IT to continue.


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