New York Post Publishes Humiliating Photos of Hunter Biden…One With a Crack Pipe Hanging Out of His Mouth 

New York Post Publishes Humiliating Photos of Hunter Biden…One With a Crack Pipe Hanging Out of His Mouth 

Surprise! It’s October, and the Dems aren’t the only ones with a few political tricks up their sleeves.

A bombshell article was published by the New York Post, showing emails between Hunter and Burisma brass coordinating meetings between them and VP Joe Biden.


You’ll recall that Joe has said in the past that he had absolutely nothing to do with Hunter’s business dealings. Clearly, that was yet another lie to the American people.

You’ll recall, Joe actually used his power and position to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was working to expose the shady dealings inside Burisma.

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He even bragged about it on video:

In addition to the damning emails, New York Post also published a series of humiliating photos of a crackhead Hunter.

The photos are a cringe-worthy batch of selfies, showing a disheveled Hunter, posing as “Fonzi” with no shirt on, and cigarettes hanging out of his mouth while in a bathtub.

On picture actually shows Hunter passed out with what appears to be a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth.

This is a damning drop of information. Biden has spent most of his campaign trying to sweep his son’s dirty deeds under the rug, and trying to distance himself from Hunter’s shady business dealings

However, the emails place Biden smack in the middle, and the photos of Hunter paint a very disturbing picture of a man’s life spiraling out of control.

You have to now wonder — how many “crackmail” photos of Hunter Biden are out there right now, ready to be used as leverage and control over a ‘President Joe Biden’?

Hunter Biden is a national security risk.


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