[VIDEO] Joe Appears to Confuse George W. Bush With Trump…And the Look on Jills Face Says it All

[VIDEO] Joe Appears to Confuse George W. Bush With Trump…And the Look on Jills Face Says it All


Fact Checkers now claim that Biden didn’t mean “George Bush,” he meant “George Lopez.” 

Here we go again…

Joe Biden is back to forgetting what year it is and who he’s running against.


During a livestream, Joe Biden was slurring and stammering and confused Trump with president George W. Bush.

And the looks on Jill’s face during all of this was priceless!

Watch the video:

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One savvy internet user thinks they caught Jill “mouthing” Trump’s name under her breath. You be the judge:


Of course, the reactions to this train wreck were absolutely hilarious on Twitter:

“Here’s the deal: He is just too old for the job.”

“Jill should be ashamed for letting this go on.”

“What’s worse is it looks like Jill is saying “”Trump”, “Trump”, “George Trump” as he’s stuttering….”

“He has no idea where he is, what year it is….”

“It sounded like he couldn’t even remember if he was running against an incumbent or not.”

“Looks to me like Jill said ‘Trump’ twice to help try to correct him. This is very sad.”

“My grandmother called me by my brother’s name for about the last 5 years of her life. I always had the Jill Biden face. ignored it to be kind.”

These gaffs with Joe just keep getting harder and harder to watch.

They really need to change his meds, cause the current stuff ain’t cutting it.

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