Famed Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Shreds Fox News Anchor, Says Her “Bidden Support” is Showing

Famed Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Shreds Fox News Anchor, Says Her “Bidden Support” is Showing

Wow…Fox News has really gone down the tubes…

During a segment today, host Arthel Neville put her complete bias against Trump on full display when she referred to his commitment to black and Hispanic Americans as “pandering.”

Thankfully famed civil rights lawyer and recent pro-Trump converter, Leo Terrell, put Neville right in her place and made sure to point out that her Biden support was showing.

Watch the video:



Well said Mr. Terrell!

Other users on Twitter agreed with this same sentiment:

“I agree .. heard that!!! I almost threw my glass of water at the tv … the arrogance and disrespect AGAIN BY THIS COMMUNIST!!! Please keep up the good posts Leo ??”

“I heard that and was disgusted, thank you for having the courage to say it. Always speaks in a biased way about President Trump.”

“We caught that too. Unbelievable. She’s a mess.”

“Fox just keeps on shifting more left the closer we get to 11/3. Tucker and 1-2 others are the only reason I ever watch Fox. I hope the good ones move onto the more conservative media.”

“Biden says he could quarantine because a black woman kept store shelves stocked…he had Hispanics in cultural dress singing at his recent ummmm…tiny gathering(!)
and played “Despacito” at another!
@ArthelNeville your bias is showing. (And ignorance!)“

“I gave up Fox News a year ago after 20 years of having it on my TV 24/7. Feel much better now.”

It really is a shame to see the leftist decline of Fox News ever since Trump declared his candidacy in 2016.

They used to be a conservative powerhouse, and now they’re sadly pandering to a liberal audience.

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