[VIDEO] What These Dem Senators Just Did at ACB Nomination is Their Most Shameless Hypocritical “COVID Stunt” Yet…

[VIDEO] What These Dem Senators Just Did at ACB Nomination is Their Most Shameless Hypocritical “COVID Stunt” Yet…

I don’t know about you, but I am really sick and tired of the “COVID Two-Step.”

We’ve got Dem leaders like Pelosi lecturing everyone about wearing masks, and when they think no cameras are rolling, they’re walking around beauty salons with their entire face hanging out.


And it’s not just one or two Dems, it’s happening on a daily basis. They’re working overtime to try and keep the COVID fear embers burning, but they don’t believe what they’re preaching, so they keep screwing up along the way.

They’ll applaud and encourage massive BLM protests and even maskless “celebrations” for the Laker’s win, but a Trump rally and CHURCH are “super-spreader” events.

It’s asinine, and it’s clear what’s happening. COVID turned into a political weapon. Democrats are now using the dead bodies of Americans as a stepping stone to get back into the White House.

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The Dems are using COVOID to scare Americans silly…But they don’t believe their own fear-mongering. If they did, they wouldn’t keep screwing up like this.

Look at what this group of Dem Senators did on their way to their “secure/COVID-safe rooms” at the ACB confirmation hearing.

They all PILED INTO a tiny elevator, with zero social distancing – crammed in like sardines – on their way to “secure” rooms where they SKYPE their questions to Amy Coney Barrett so they don’t CATCH or SPREAD COVID…

And look who was leading the pack…Kamala.

This is all just one big political stunt.

You can watch the video below:

It should infuriate every single American that these political ghouls are using fear, and death to score political power.

They are trampling on our rights and freedom as a way to try and slither back into the White House.

And just like Joe’s campaign, this while COVID fear-show is smoke and mirrors.

Yes, it’s okay to be safe and cautious, but this virus has a 998.8% survival rate. There’s no reason for healthy people to be living in such horrific and unhealthy fear.


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