Poor Jim Carrey Really Thought He Got Ted Cruz Good, But the Clever Senator Outsmarted the Crazy Actor Big Time

Poor Jim Carrey Really Thought He Got Ted Cruz Good, But the Clever Senator Outsmarted the Crazy Actor Big Time

The left is so angry and so dramatic, aren’t they?

Everything they do is based on this seething anger that is bubbling just beneath the surface. There is no joy or fun in their cause whatsoever. It’s just a dark, angry, sad movement filled with dramatic outbursts, and hateful words and images.


And nobody better encompasses the left’s macabre movement of doom and gloom better than washed-up TDS-riddled actor and “artist” (ha ha) Jim Carrey.

Carrey uses his bizarre artwork to push the left’s message of hate and angst. He thinks he’s “edgy” and “creative,” but truthfully, he’s just suffering from Stage 5 TDS and is lashing out like an unmedicated mental patient.

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As a matter of fact, he just recently lashed out at Ted Cruz with one of his “paint by numbers” masterpieces.

Carrey really thought he got the best of Ted Cruz by creating a painting of him as the “Devil” (oh, how edgy and original) and posting it on Twitter with the title: “Ted Cruz, Hellbound Class of 2020”

So dumb…

I’m sure Carrey thought, “THAT’LL TEACH HIM!!!” HE’LL NEVER RECOVER FROM THAT!!”

However, that’s not exactly how it turned out for poor ol’ crazy Jim.

Ted flipped the tables on looney tunes Jim and instead of being insulted, hurt, or outraged, asked him for a copy of the “devil painting” for his office, in a hilarious Twitter reply.


I’ll tell you what, Ted Cruz has been on fire lately. He’s really come into his own. He’s having fun, but making some very powerful statements and moves at the same time.

It was a long and sometimes bumpy road to get here, but in the end, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are one amazing and unstoppable team!


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