[VIDEO] Trump’s First Post COVID Rally Makes Liberal Heads Explode – Massive Crowd and Off The Charts Energy

[VIDEO] Trump’s First Post COVID Rally Makes Liberal Heads Explode – Massive Crowd and Off The Charts Energy

Well it looks like Trump’s recent diagnosis with coronavirus isn’t scaring off any of his supporters.

If anything it’s actually seemed to have brought more people to his side.

At a rally today in Sanford, Florida, Trump drEw a massive crowd, where attendees didn’t practice strict social distancing and many weren’t wearing masks.

This is a “peaceful protest” after all…

If liberals don’t want to practice these regulations, then why should Trump supporters?

Watch the video:


Of course liberals are going to be flipping out over this right and left, including the guy who posted this video Richard Hall, who is a journalist for The Independent.

Twitter users were quick to shred Hall for his snarky comments on Trump’s crowd:

“Yeah but obviously you didn’t say a word about the lakers celebration in Los Angeles last night and all of the criminal activity there. Suggest you take your BS narrative and shove it. Clowns like you are why this country is coming apart. Adios Karen”

“Cry harder, wuss.”

“So Richard at the Lakers game no social distancing, yelling screaming set a cop car on Fire no problem right? Antifa Blm riots . looting No problem right?”

“Well let’s see here
Democrats have protest and they set ? loot stores and beat people up

Trump has rallies it’s a peaceful protest
No ? No looting No one being beat up

What is exactly is the problem here ??‍♀️”

“No mask mandates in Florida Cupcake.”

These liberals are such hypocrites.

They seem to have forgotten the BLM protests that happened all over this country just about a month ago, where people were definitely not practicing social distancing.

They’re just upset cause they know Biden could never pull a crowd this size.

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