Whoops! “Veterans For Biden” Group Deletes Their Post Debate Twitter Poll After Joe Gets Creamed

Whoops! “Veterans For Biden” Group Deletes Their Post Debate Twitter Poll After Joe Gets Creamed

The group “Veterans For Biden” had a humiliating experience on social media today.

They were forced to delete their post-debate poll, asking “who won” between Biden and Trump, because Joe got creamed so badly.

The poll went up and was tweeted out to their 22 thousand followers at 1:34 am on 10/23.


By the time the poll was deleted, it had been up for nearly 8 hours and collected over 4K votes. The poll had just over 3 hours left to be completed before it was yanked.

The Veterans For Biden decided to pull the plug when Joe had only garnered an embarring 31 percent to Trump’s 69 percent.

Quite a blowout!

You’ll recall Vets For Biden was one of the groups feverishly pushing the debunked “Suckers and Losers” military hit piece from the Dems and “The Atlantic” magazine.

I guess that little scam didn’t fare too well. They only have 22 thousand followers, and can’t even push a winning Twitter poll for ol’ Joe.

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But in their defense, Biden did have a disastrous debate.

Even if they had 22 million followers, he still would have lost in that poll to the winner Trump.



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