Alyssa Milano Makes Two Embarrassing Blunders While Trying to Post Her Halloween Pic Dressed up as RBG

Alyssa Milano Makes Two Embarrassing Blunders While Trying to Post Her Halloween Pic Dressed up as RBG

Alyssa Milano is a lot like the Biden campaign…She just can’t seem to do anything right.

And her attempt last night to post a simple Halloween pic was proof of that…


Milano took something as simple as tweeting out a Halloween costume and turned it into a nuclear physics equation.

In the first attempt, Alyssa spelled RBG as “RGB” and was dragged all over the internet for it.

So, she deleted that tweet and tried it again.

Only the second time was no better…Maybe worse, even?

She spelled Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name wrong. She has it as “Ginsberg.” It’s “Ginsburg,” with a “U.”

I thought this woman was your greatest hero, but you don’t even know how her name is spelled?

The left is just so phony.

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And yes, of course, dopey Alyssa got heckled for that tweet as well, and just like the first one, she deleted it and just gave up.

All in all, was not a good night for poor ol’ Alyssa online.

Check it out:

As fun as it is to have a laugh at these liberal ding-a-lings, there’s one thing of great importance that I want to leave you with here:

We need to make sure that we don’t sit this one out. We need every single Trump supporter to vote. There can be no excuses and no exceptions. This is the time that we need YOU to do the right thing and cast a vote to save your family and your country.

Don’t think for one second that your “one vote” won’t matter in the grand scheme of things…because it will. This time, it really, really will matter.

So, please…get ready and go vote, and make sure that all your friends and family who support Trump are ready to go vote as well.

If we stick together and we vote, we win so big, it’ll blow everyone away.


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