[WATCH] NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Get’s Ambushed on Her Avoidance of Covering Hunter Biden

[WATCH] NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Get’s Ambushed on Her Avoidance of Covering Hunter Biden

Not too surprisingly, the media has been avoiding the Hunter Biden controversy like the plague.

But now with evidence mounting, their avoidance is just becoming more and more ridiculous.


Many media outlets are actually trying to claim they can’t cover the story because it can’t be verified, which is the biggest crock I’ve heard all year.

From National Review

Journalists claim they can’t cover the New York Post’s Hunter Biden email scoop because the underlying evidence has yet to been verified. Also, they won’t look for any verifying evidence because there isn’t enough evidence.

It’s quite the conundrum.

Because other than the now-corroborated emails, the laptop, the on-the-record source who was a CEO of a Biden corporation, a trove of text messages and documents, and a lack of denials, the Hunter Biden email story reminds me of the “Russian collusion” story. Surely it deserves a modicum of scrutiny and follow-up.

Anyone who watched Tony Bobulinski’s interview on Tucker Carlson’s show this week — apparently it pulled over 5 million viewers — was confronted with a seemingly credible character. Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden in 2017, and that the former vice president was intimately involved in the family business. Maybe someone will ask the candidate about this. Because Biden, widely seen as the frontrunner, has on numerous occasions emphatically denied any knowledge of what Hunter was doing. So even if he didn’t benefit from his son’s leveraging of the family name to strike deals with Chinese Communist energy interests, it is still newsworthy.

MORE NEWS: Report: New Braunfels City Manager: Trump Train Broke No Laws When They Followed Biden Bus

Well now someone is taking questions on this unbelievable bias right to the people who actually produce the “news.”

Conservative website Media Research Center hit the streets and actually managed to confront NBC’s Andrea Mitchell right to her face on her networks refusal to cover Hunter.

And of course, her response was a real humdinger.

Watch the video:

My goodness is our media pathetic.

They believe they’re so above us, that they don’t even need to answer for their ridiculous behavior.

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