Obama Just Revealed a Dirty Little Secret About Mitch McConnell That Proves He Can’t Be Trusted

Obama Just Revealed a Dirty Little Secret About Mitch McConnell That Proves He Can’t Be Trusted

I have always been leery about Mitch McConnell.

He’s a seasoned swamp creature. It’s a pretty big stretch to think someone like him – a lifelong globalist neocon – would just instantly abandoned his entire life’s work and political beliefs the moment Trump took office.

It’s a nice fairytale to think everyone was magically moved and transformed by MAGA, but it’s not realistic.


A lot of these very polished and very opportunistic career politicians recognized the power of Trump’s movement and decided to hop on board the Trump Train simply to save their careers…most of these scumbags didn’t want to go down like Jeff Flake or disgraced Mitt Romney, so they plastered a phony smile on their faces when the cameras were rolling, but behind the scenes, they were still the same pieces of crap they always were.

Lindsey Graham is another one of these opportunistic swampers who can’t be trusted.

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And I think Mitch is as well.

I don’t think he likes Trump or the America First agenda one single bit.

Take a look at this tweet Dan Bongino sent out just after the election.


Many people believe the person Dan was speaking about was Mitch McConnell when he said: “You have no idea how bad the shit going on behind the scenes really is right now. DO NOT think for a moment that entities who were your friends, are your friends now. The wheat and the chaff are separating.”


Mitch is sneaky and he does his dirtiest work in the shadows.

I came upon this piece about Obama and McCain. The article stated that Obama admits that John McCain would often bad mouth other Republicans to him.

Of course, he did…McCain was a traitorous snake. Another career swamper — so it’s not all that shocking.

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But then there was a blip about McConnell. Obama says that Mitch wanted to work with him, and told him so behind the scenes, but to appease the caucus and the Republican voter’s Mitch had to “act” a certain way in public. He had to keep up the facade. This is likely what he’s doing right now when it comes to Trump and the election.

From Western Journal 

McCain, who Obama defeated in the 2008 presidential election, was not always complimentary of his GOP colleagues, nor was former GOP House Speaker John Boehner, according to the former president.

Goldberg asked Obama if he regrets not making a more public attempt at befriending Republicans in Congress.

“Should you have been caught trying more … Meaning, drinking with [Sen. Mitch McConnell] more often, working the opposition?” Goldberg asked.

Obama responded, “Look, this comes out more in volume two, and I will be more explicit on this, but take [former House Speaker] John Boehner for example. He and I had a perfectly good relationship, but he had to act a certain way for his caucus,” Obama said.

“He would badmouth many of them to me, in private. Much as John McCain did. The issue was never personal — Mitch McConnell is not buddy-buddy with anyone. I’m enjoying reading now about how Joe Biden and Mitch have been friends for a long time.”

Obama went on to claim that GOP figures such as McCain, McConnell, and Boehner — who resigned from the House in 2015 — were all privately at one point willing to work with him, but they only publicly spoke out against him to appease their voters.

Now, you could be saying, “Well, Missy, this is Obama, and he could be lying to start trouble.”

Sure, that’s a possibility.

But I doubt it.

Darren Beattie, a former Trump speechwriter, and a guy with a lot of political connections believe that Mitch dislikes Trump and would prefer that Biden wins the White House.

Here’s what Darren’s been saying since before and after the election:

“Mitch McConnell regularly says in private that he wants to thwart every aspect of Trump’s America First agenda EXCEPT confirmation of Judges. the GOP has not learned from their failure to stop Trump in 2016, and now giving him absolute moron-tier advice.”

“From a current White House official (more senior than the joke miles taylor) “Rick Scott and Marsha Blackburn are talking about Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lyin Ted and Little rand hasn’t tweeted anything. Lil’ Marco is counter signaling. McConnell has a blackout on this.”


“Obvious McConnell wants Trump to lose for many reasons, including having more power under Biden presidency. he has everything he wants: senate, SC justices, judges, etc. two years from now he’s probably thinking he would gain seats in midterms during Biden presidency””

I think Mitch McConnell is a snake.

And I also think he, and people like Lindsey Graham, who never liked Trump, to begin with, seen this election as their opportunity to help get rid of the guy who made them work, called them out, and who forced them to actually work on behalf of the American people and not their donors and lobbyists.

D.C. is a disgusting, sick cesspool of lies and debauchery. Don’t ever expect any of these “career guys” to do the right thing. They don’t have it in them.



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