Data Scientist Sarah Eaglesfield Says “Cluster” of  Wayne County Votes Came From Mental Hospital For Severely Ill People

Data Scientist Sarah Eaglesfield Says “Cluster” of  Wayne County Votes Came From Mental Hospital For Severely Ill People

A Data Scientist who is “verified” on Twitter has been pouring over data from Wayne County, Michigan, and she’s discovered something very interesting.


Eaglesfield shared her findings on Twitter. She claims that she uncovered voter data from the November 2020 election that shows “cluster votes,” that came from a hospital for severely mentally ill people.

Here’s what she said:

Top of the charts for voters in Wayne County, Michigan… a staggering 97 patients in one psychiatric hospital…

Second most popular cluster of voters in Wayne County, Michigan come from Apartment Buildings… with NO APARTMENT NUMBER given…

In order – clusters in Wayne County, Michigan with the most votes cast in #Election2020 were:

1. A psychiatric hospital (@NedStaebler
is that you?)

2. Apartment block (but no apartment number)

3. A convent

4. THE FOUR SEASONS Care facility  (really!)

5. Homeless drop-in centre

Wayne County Michigan #Election2020 Confirmation Special Bonus Round: …how many votes were (legitimately) cast by inmates awaiting trial, and what were their crimes…

Just three inmates awaiting trial cast a vote in Wayne County. Their crimes? Well, none because they’re “suspects”. Two are suspected of homicide, held without bond; one is suspected of abducting his children. Both trials have been ongoing since 2019.

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Today she shared her findings in a 2000-word report (you can read that here) and says that in her professional opinion, “mistakes” were made.


“My full 2,000 word report on election fraud & irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan is available to download: Important reading for ALL voters on both sides. Mistakes made.”

We can’t get too distracted with Dominion. I think it’s very important and part of the puzzle, but I think Team Trump has enough to win, with illegal ballots and ballot harvesting etc.

The key is also looking at signatures.

There’s no doubt Dominion is sketchy, but I think it would take months and months of forensic analysis to even scratch the surface of that mess. It should be done, but time is not on our side at the moment.

Stay the course!



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