Opinion: The Only Danger To America And It’s Constitution Is The Democratic Party

Opinion: The Only Danger To America And It’s Constitution Is The Democratic Party

The media was already prepped to push Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. It is part of the propaganda, an ancient tried-and-proven strategy.

And surprisingly, it is surprisingly effective!

The fraud is massive, and it has been planned heavily. The goal is to discredit via constant near-universal propaganda, knowing that fraud is hard to prove with material evidence because of the timing, lack of investigative power, and the destruction of evidence and deep hiding. The deck is totally stacked against truth and fairness.


The crime does not have to be fully witnessed to know it was there because the effects are plentiful; the requirement to witnesses it does not supersede its effect. Refusing to recognize the signs because of a demand to see the cause front-in-center is just denial.

The insanity coming from the left since Pres. Trump moved into the Oval Office, which appears to validate all the dire predictions that the so-called “silent majority” have long worried about and are now coming at us like a runaway train. We now live in two Americas. One that respects the unique traditions and culture that have made this nation great and good despite humanity’s sinful nature and one that rejects God and truth itself, twisting our history and government into something that would be unrecognizable to those who made it. We are no longer the majority, and this is no time to be silent — get out in the streets and raise some hell to save our Republic!

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.”

Many believed Pres. Trump campaigned like crazy to show the world the actual support he had. He knew that the fraud tsunami was coming and that Biden couldn’t attract flies. Think about it. The man had 4-5 rallies per day in different states. You could hardly keep up with the momentum. The whole Biden campaign was hidden until the fraud was activated election night.


I wouldn’t be alone when I say, “the only existential danger to America and the Constitution is the Democratic Party and those who vote to enable it,” now would I?

To the never-Trump and globalist Republicans: There will be no chance of a Republican in the Oval Office ever again if the Democrats pull off this steal. For one thing, they would permanently control the vote totals. For another, they have already promised to eradicate the electoral college and pack the Supreme Court, plus let in millions of needy refugees, to feed, clothe, house, and educate them on our dime, plus give them free health care, and legalize them all and let them vote. So get this straight: there is no “next time” to pull this out, Republican elites sitting on your hands. This is it. Now or never. Put up or shut up.

And all those “Republican” votes were not for your party; they were for Trump. They will not be yours to take for granted or command if you do not fight against the fraudulent vote system set up by a confederacy of wicked Democrats. You will be thrown out and trampled on the ground like the worthless salt you have proven yourself to be.

Barack Obama was just a symptom of the deeper cancer that had already been growing within the body politic just as Pres. Trump was seen as the antibody or reaction to that cancer great though he most certainly is.


If the Dems and the media are so sure there is “no fraud,” they should be eager for the investigations to continue as it would prove their point and legitimize their senile candidate while also destroying Trump.

They are pushing back with all their might because they are guilty as hell and think they might be about to be outed for the anti-American criminal conspirators that they are. Mr. President, take this fight ALL THE WAY.

We are still fighting, not giving up until justice is done, all the way to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump is not a quitter, and neither are conservatives. My friends and family groups are doing everything we can to win fair and square in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, in every state that cheated in the election. As Mr. Biden reveals his “vision” for our country, we are doing more. His “vision” is a nightmare in my book. I’m not willing to take it lying down, you?

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