[WATCH] Biden Tries to Say ‘One Last Thing’ at His Rally – Get’s Immediately Drowned Out by Music

[WATCH] Biden Tries to Say ‘One Last Thing’ at His Rally – Get’s Immediately Drowned Out by Music

This video will literally make you laugh out loud.

At the end of Biden’s recent rally, he tried to get out just one last thought, but just as he was about to speak, he’s drowned out by Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson.


You then see Biden look offended by the blaring music and then wave his hand in defeat and stumble away.

Watch the video:

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My goodness, this campaign is having more gaffs than The Gong Show.

It’s an absolute joke at this point.

Conservatives on Twitter also found this to be completely hilarious:

“That was the phrase that was going to save his campaign…”

“Think he was going to tell us #trunalimunumaprzure”

“????. His campaign knows not to trust this man on the mic anymore”

“I think he said, ‘see ya in Canada’…”

“Jill just left his old ass ???”

“Haha! Oh my gosh… it literally has been the worst campaign… from top to bottom”

“Biden~ “One last thing…” Song starts~ “Give it up” ??”

“It was his favorite ice cream topping. We were so close to finding out!”

“By the way. One last thing…


This campaign truly is in shambles.

It’s starting to resemble an SNL skit more so than a presidential bid.

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