CNN’s Bumbling “Reporter” Kaitlin Collins Gets Punked Again…This Time By Trump’s Savvy Attorney Jenna Ellis

CNN’s Bumbling “Reporter” Kaitlin Collins Gets Punked Again…This Time By Trump’s Savvy Attorney Jenna Ellis

CNN’s masked activist Kaitlin Collins is the “Chelsea Clinton” of political news.

What do I mean by that?

Well, for starters, she can’t seem to do anything online without getting absolutely shredded into oblivion.


This is the ignoramus who preaches about masks like it’s a cult, but when she thinks the cameras aren’t rolling she rips it off.


This is also the hateful woman who was busted with past homophobic tweets, but now considers herself the epitome of moral virtue.


As with most leftists, Kaitlin’s past is filled with hate, bigotry, and racism. But we’re expected to believe that “now” she’s a better person. Of course, people like Kaitlin don’t afford that same type of understanding to Trump supporters, who don’t have a past or a present filled with the same type of hate she and her virtuous liberal buddies do. We’re inherently evil simply because Kaitlin says so…and that’s why this woman is not a “reporter” or a “journalist,” she’s an activist…and that’s precisely what one of Trump’s lead attorney’s told her.

It all started when Kaitlin posted a photo of herself and other so-called masked “reporters,” who were “celebrating” that they forced Trump to “take a question.”

Give me a break. Trump has been the most press-accessible President ever, and these clodhoppers know it.

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Jenna Ellis set the record straight and called Kaitlin out for her shameful hypocrisy, and then walloped her by reminding her that she has nothing to be proud of since she and that same group of ding-a-lings allowed Biden to go without ever answering one serious question.


But she wasn’t done yet – Jenna then went on to tell Kaitlin that she’s an “activist,” not a journalist.

Here’s what she said: “Also the crew that let Joe Biden not answer a single difficult question the entire campaign. You have nothing to be proud of, Kaitlan. You’re not a journalist, you’re an activist.’

Kaitlin comes off as this very “LIKE, OMIGOD!” teenager.  This vapid, wannabe “journalist” is so caught up in her own twisted “female activism” that she can’t even manage to do her own job with even the smallest sliver of professionalism.

Honestly, folks, this is not how professional adults behave. Everyone in that picture appears to have some sort of serious mental issue or a personality disorder at best. And it’s talentless hacks like this who are to blame for the utter downfall of journalism…but they’re too immature and out-of-touch to even realize it.

Glad Jenna took the time to call them all out. Unprofessional “teenagers” like this deserve to be mocked…a lot.


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