[VIDEO] The Man Presenting The “Fraud Case” to AZ Officials Says He’s Got “Receipts” to Prove His Claims

[VIDEO] The Man Presenting The “Fraud Case” to AZ Officials Says He’s Got “Receipts” to Prove His Claims

You may not know who Matt Braynard is right now, but you will.


He’s the guy who will be presenting the “voter fraud” case to Arizona officials on Monday, and this is shaping up to be a doozy of a hearing.

Who is Matt Braynard? Well, Mr. Braynard is the Executive Director of “Look Ahead America” and the former Data Chief and Strategist for “Trump for President.”

He also is working to expose election irregularities via The “Voter Integrity Project” or “VIP.”

Here’s a video where Matt discusses what he’s been doing with “VIP”

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Matt has been very busy and he’s been working very hard — he’s the real deal and we’re all very thankful for his service in this battle.

But Monday will be “crunch” time. That’s when Matt will present his VIP findings to Arizona officials, and Matt says that he’s going to the hearing armed with PROOF to back up his claims.

You can watch the video below:

We’re all hoping that the efforts in AZ turn out as positive as they did in PA.

As you may know by now, an appeals court judge has halted any further certification process in PA, and 26 GOP House reps and 8 GOP senators have called for the certification to be nullified.


In addition, Senator Doug Mastriano has introduced a joint resolution that will strip the PA Secretary of State of the ability to send electors.

Things are really starting to heat up. It’s time to pray a lot and keep fighting.


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