MI Judge Who Dismissed “Election Fraud” Case, Recently Released a Sex Offender Who Later Raped 3 Women at Knifepoint

MI Judge Who Dismissed “Election Fraud” Case, Recently Released a Sex Offender Who Later Raped 3 Women at Knifepoint

Judge Kenny is a typical liberal activist judge – we’ve seen these types a million times over the past 4 years. It’s like they’re crawling out of the woodwork to “beat down” Trump.


Kenny is from MI, and he’s the guy who gleefully blew off the recent 2020 election fraud case.

No shock, right? These people are insufferable partisans.

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Well, one thing that might surprise you, is that Judge Kenny not only dismissed a serious election fraud case, but according to a report, he also released a sex offender from jail, who turned around and raped 3 women when he was set free.

From 100% Fed Up

Michigan Judge Timothy Kenny recently dismissed the lawsuit brought by witnesses to the voter fraud at the Detroit TCF Center because he claimed the witnesses were “not credible.” It’s a tough pill to swallow for the Michigan citizens who witnessed voter fraud and bravely testified about what they saw in Detroit during the 2020 election. To claim that the numerous testimonies were not credible exposes this judge for his bias.

It turns out that the judge is a bleeding heart liberal who is releasing violent criminals on the streets even though he promised he wouldn’t release violent criminals. Is he getting pressure from leftist groups like Detroit’s ‘Justice Center’ to release the violent criminals?

The Detroit News has reported on Judge Kenny’s decision to release violent criminals because of their supposed “vulnerabilities” to the coronavirus. The releases began in March, and the judge has released numerous inmates who were accused or convicted of violent crimes. According to the Gateway Pundit, the Detroit News review of jail records reveals there were four men convicted of criminal sexual assault and 14 others convicted of assault who were released by Judge Kenny. One of the convicted sex offenders is back in jail after prosecutors say he got out and raped three women at knifepoint (see below).

Is anyone surprised that many of the inmates who were released went on to recommit crimes?

One prisoner released by Judge Kenny, Tyler Cole, allegedly held three women prisoner at knifepoint and raped them.

Detroit’s Police Chief Craig spoke out against Judge Kenny:

“This judge needs to do more diligence when it comes to deciding who gets released. I don’t see how you can justify letting someone out who has multiple violent convictions on their record.”

Some of the other criminals released by Judge Kenny were Jameel Bradley and Kaylin Drewery. They had both been convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, meaning their victims were either aged 13-16, or the abusers were in positions of authority over them.


The swamp is so deep, it’s literally flooding into our court system, which is truly one of the scariest things to see unfold.

It was as if the judiciary was the last stand of truth and justice, and now it appears that’s gone out the window as well.

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